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  • Feel More - fulfilling intimacy starts by reconnecting with yourself

  • Fulfilling Sex - ease into deeper, relaxing, more fulfilling sex (fireworks included)

  • Healthy Relating - build happy healthy relationships

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why women love TARA

Jessica Waldrich (London)

"It works like Headspace"

Jessica Waldrich (London)

"TARA is like Headspace for my intimate life. It is fun and easy and it fits into my busy schedule. Love it"
Audrey Tallich (Amsterdam)

"I can do this at home - in my own time"

Audrey Tallich (Amsterdam)

"I can use TARA from the safety of my own bedroom. I like that because workshops or retreats are a bridge too far for me."
Carla Bent (Stockholm)

"Nice relation - but stuck in routine "

Carla Bent (Stockholm)

"I am married for 3 years and we have a great relation, but... we're kind of stuck in our everyday romance routine. How can we make this more meaningful?"
Frida Bambeck (Hamburg)

"Two kids no time"

Frida Bambeck (Hamburg)

"It is not easy make/take the time to explore my intimacy with two kids and a busy job. The course helps me to be disciplined in taking that time."

// who we are

We are a collective of tantra teachers, relationship therapists and sexologists. We connect the latest research with century-old traditions to create beautiful programs for greater intimacy in daily live.

  • Experienced tantra teachers (Center for Tantra, The Netherlands)

  • Relationship therapists

  • Sexologists and researchers (Rijks University Groningen)

// your teachers

we work with the best tantra teachers

  • Marije Oost Indie

    Tantra teacher

    Marije Oost Indie

    I am a tantra teacher specialising in female and couples practices. In daily life I teach at the world renowned centre for Tantra ( in Amsterdam. I can say that tantra brought me alive. When I started doing intensive trainings I began to feel so much more alive. Tantra connect me to all my passions and desires.
  • Eveline van den Heuvel

    meditation teacher & voice

    Eveline van den Heuvel

    Hello I am Eveline, it's me, the voice :) I am part of the TARA team and in-charge of the online content. I am a meditation teacher, was a researcher for Headspace and worked for various meditation and mindfulness programs.
  • Jeroen Biegstraaten

    Tantra teacher

    Jeroen Biegstraaten

    For the last 10 years I have been teaching tantra and men's groups. Primarily at the Centre for Tantra in Amsterdam ( What I like about Tara is that we reach a whole new group of women. Hopefully also women who don't find their ways to a retreat or workshop and first want to explore this in their own space and time. If this is you: great to see you here. You are very very welcome.


  • Can I practice with my partner?

    We’ve designed the female foundation course as a solo course- one that doesn’t require a partner. This is because pleasure between the sheets starts with yourself. Ultimately you can take all learnings and insights to a partner when you feel ready to. We plan to produce dedicated courses for couples.

  • Do I need meditation experience?

    No, you can come exactly as you are :). The meditations we'll do during the course will be both deep and sincere, as well as, easy to follow and straightforward.

  • Do I need tantra experience?

    Nope, same thing. Great if you have experienced something like this before. No problem if you haven't. The remarkable thing with connecting to your own sensual core is that you can do this from wherever and however you are.

  • I do have a lot of tantra experience. Is this course still interesting?

    In our expert opinion: yes. Although the techniques used might not be new to you, it might be a very good way of creating a daily habit in connecting to your core.

  • Can I keep my clothes on?

    Yep, you can. All meditations can be done with your clothes on or off, whatever feels like the right thing for you.

  • Do I need a meditation spot?

    Yes, but your bed will do just fine as well. The most important thing is that you have a place where you feel safe, comfortable and warm. The warmth really helps.

  • How does this work?

    We've designed the course so you get a daily exercise or meditation. It will take you about 15 minutes a day. It works best if you listen to the meditations via your headphones and chose a time when you're not likely to be interrupted.

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